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Надо сделать подгрузку аватаров обязательной при регистрации. Безликие весь дизайн сайта портят. +защита от спам-ботов нехилая, получше капчи.
Неужели так сложно хоть какую то картинку на аватар повесить?
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Добавлен плагин скрывающий внешние ссылки от поисковиков. Спамеры велкам!
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You can find of the fact that cross trainers can be some sort of best example associated with luxurious in addition to ease. They've been superb shoes and boots to get sprinting in addition to running when they produce the feet together with the quintessential ease. The method associated with vulcanisation is employed with the construction associated with cross trainers and after this along with certain present day engineering announced the conclusion system has grown a lot more excellent. adidas unisex footwear uk online Having on a set Adidas Modulates over the winter time will perform most people effectively in the long run considering that it could result in a lengthier life together with a handy accommodate.

Owens will proceed so that you can acquire some golden medals, helping to make Dassler's shoes and boots overwhelmingly good, in addition to through the moment associated with Earth Struggle II, these folks were merchandising finished 190, 000 frames yearly. A bit identified story goes of the fact that brother's manufacturing definitely moved construction so that you can anti-tank tools in Earth Struggle II. women adidas nmd shoes sale Most people discovered a lot of critical reviews of men and women commenting how relaxed these folks were. At this moment, in the event that there have been your recipe ingredients with the wonderful set of two tennis shoes, after that definitely the 2 main major key elements might possibly be fashion in addition to ease, plus the Adidas Originals Star 2's apparently have got the two benefits.

You must give consideration to just what you might come to be with them to get. Would you basically wish a set recreational shoes and boots to search excellent around, or even can be getting these individuals for any selected having adventure, just like the game of basketball or even sprinting. women adidas adizero footwear on sale online Your Adidas Supernova String 3 offers slight alignment assistance in addition to shock reducing is normally resolved during the entire running shoes. Also over the affect your shoe is normally safeguarded and it's also since it cradles a shoe appropriately. Sporting men could believe your ft becoming carefully guided and definately will at the same time aid to accurate your pronation when ever sprinting.

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Надо будет потом конкурс обложки объявить (фото что вверху). Или фото подходящей девушки или колаж какой. Потом подумаю.
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Теперь на сервере новые диски. 1 Террабайт свободен для анкет и фоток. Как будет кончаться подключу облако от Амазонок. Там вообще этих террабайтов как до того столба и ещё до той самой матери.
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Добавлена система тикетов (запросов пользователей) и статей (типа FAQ). Кнопка "Помощь" на верху на видном месте.
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Добавлен Индикатор активности юзера с подсказками.
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ДЖобавлен API Гугуль-карты. Тепер можно искать по расстоянию, если у пользователя указано место его локации.
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Ну вот, сайт почти закончен, система и все плагины настроены, грубые ошибки устранены. Позвали бетта-тестеров. И рюшечки наводить бум.
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